Visiting home is a series of photographs and texts about going home after a long time.

airport taxi movement
poverty trees privy 2 ledge
wrong! bad! trip! pani puri!

"be aware beware in 3rd grade lessons on life"
the colours are so pretty back home. i look at things through a dirt
overtone on the projector film. maybe it's better understood as a
beautiful sepia. this dirt, this very dirt. yet there's bits of the dirt i didn't
remember noticing before. or actually, no i did, it's why i ran away. not
very patriotic of me, not very nice of me. eyes stare into my soul. my very
own. i am cutting myself open and making curiosity of every piece.

sad happy sad mi
serable questioning anxiet
y "episode" depression?

indian art is just so cool. surrounded by it after a brief absense
from it, you appreciate more for sure.
on the bus (the fucking bus! what a treat to the eyes)
on the streets
in the metro
golden hour with chai sutta
just your friend's house
at fancy dinner place with the 'rents
the prints and textiles that just casually hang in balconies
like no biggie im just beautiful nothing to see here


“This pigeon is cool. Be like this pigeon.”

not caged really. not so visibly constrained. it's only a societal expectation, don't
really express yourself. it's just an expression of your views. it's not your whole
be back home by 9. don't go on that street, you got catcalled there last year.
an artist? what's that? you're just fooling around. it's beautiful, but don't really go
that far. that's kinda weird to express isn't it? that's kinda weird to share on
instagram isn't it?
it's nicer when you're quirky just to be funny haha. real emotions are pathetic innit

what the heck have i come back to here i forgot it was like this i romanticised a
piece of land again oops but also brown faces are beautiful damn but also brown
minds sometimes ugly as hell damn. no hate, no shame though, bangalore bois 4eva jai hind